Workforce Development

Talent, or human capital, has become every community’s most vital asset in today’s knowledge-based economy.

In the same way that resources have been devoted to the development of physical infrastructure, communities that will compete and thrive in this emerging economy must take an aggressive, proactive approach to human capital.

Strong math and science skills are key success factors for all life sciences career pathways. Focused attention to building these skill sets along the educational continuum (kindergarten through post-graduate), and providing opportunities for incumbent and displaced workers to improve their existing math/science skills, represents a primary focus of regional life sciences workforce development efforts.

Kansas City, in order to compete on the national and international stage, must emphasize the cultivation, recruitment, and retention of the talented individuals required to fuel its life sciences and technology initiatives.

Biotechnology Career Brochure

Greater Kansas City is emerging as
a world-class center of science. The 
science industry will continue to grow in 
this area and bring new and exciting 
opportunities to the Midwest.
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Talent to Industry Exchange (T.I.E.): Life Sciences

A Labor Analysis of the Life Sciences 
Industry in the Kansas City Region
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