Statement by MOSIRA Coalition in response to lawsuit filed by Missouri Roundtable for Life
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For Release December 2, 2011

The MOSIRA Coalition is resolved to continue to ask state officials to remove all impediments to implementing, funding and executing the job creation and economic development opportunities available to the state of Missouri through the Missouri Science and Innovation Reinvestment Act (MOSIRA). This lawsuit, brought by longtime critics of high-quality job creation, medical advancements and cures, is not unexpected. These same groups have filed numerous frivolous lawsuits over the past few years that have tied up Missouri courts and state agencies, wasting taxpayer money, and impeding economic growth and job creation. This is more of the same.

The majority of legislators, in both chambers and of both political parties, have repeatedly rejected these particular groups’ arguments and advocated for the creation of MOSIRA, including supporting the Governors’ signing of the bill.  We are confident the overwhelming legislative intent to establish MOSIRA will prevail.

The MOSIRA Coalition is a broad based coalition of business, civic, academic, and high-tech organizations from all parts of the state, representing active leadership involvement across the business spectrum.  Additional information may be found

MOSIRA Coalition Contacts:

Kelly P. Gillespie, Executive Director, Missouri Biotechnology Association, 573-690-9267
Daniel P. Getman, Ph.D., President, Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute, 816-753-7700
Donn A. Rubin, President and CEO, BioSTL, 314-880-8871
Jewel D. Scott, Executive Director, The Civic Council of Greater Kansas City, 816-983-2308

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