Kansas City University

Founded in 1916, Kansas City University is a non-profit, private university, with a proud tradition of providing exemplary educational opportunities to its approximately 1,085 students. KCU’s College of Osteopathic Medicine is a four-year osteopathic medical school, one of the oldest and largest of the nation’s 26 colleges of osteopathic medicine.

The University is known as a leader in osteopathic medical education, with an educational environment emphasizing both academic excellence and the education of caring physicians who place their patients’ needs above all else. KCU’s College of Biosciences offers degree programs in biomedical sciences and bioethics. KCU continues to expand its research program in search of new discoveries while enhancing its educational offerings and faculty development. KCU actively works to attract top researchers through its leadership role as one of 10 partners with Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute.

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