Liang Xu, PhD

Liang Xu, PhD
Professor of Cancer Biology 
University of Missouri

Dr. Liang Xu did post-doc research at University of Louvain, Belgium, Stanford University and Georgetown University, where developed a novel non-viral tumor-targeted delivery system for cancer therapy which is now in Phase II clinical trials as the Word’s first non-viral nano-p53 targeted gene therapy.

In 2002, he joined the faculty at University of Michigan to discover and develop novel small molecule inhibitors of anti-apoptotic proteins.

In 2010, he obtained a Rising Star Award and joined the faculty at University of Kansas at Lawrence and KU Cancer Center. He has over 25 patents and currently has four compounds in advanced clinical trials. He is the key inventor and has made important contributions to the two projects and successfully transferred both products from laboratory to clinic, a testimony of success in translational cancer research.

He has been well funded by NIH, DOD and Komen Foundation. Currently, he have two funded R01 grants from NCI/NIH and one DOD Level II grant, on cancer drug discovery using structure-based rational design for targeting cancer stem cells targets that are so far undruggable.

CRISPR Technology in Precision Cancer Medicine

CRISPR technology is now widely used in cancer biology, current drug discovery and precision cancer medicine. We have been using CRISPR knockout of target oncogenes for target validation of our hit compounds and help for lead optimization. We are also using CRISPR activation to knock-in lincRNAs to address basic cancer biology questions. The advantages and pitfalls of this technology will be discussed.